No More Follow Ups Needed After Rhinoplasty Surgeon Said. Normal?

Hi Im 7 weeks post op rhinoplasty and when I went to see my surgeon yesterday he said I would not need to see him for anymore follow ups unless there was a problem. Ive seen him a couple times after the operation and at the moment my healing seems ok but shouldn't he want to see me down the track after 6 months or so at least to check on the progress of my nose?

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Rhinoplasty follow up Appointments

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Every surgeon is different when it comes to scheduling their patients follow ups. With that said I do like to see my patients in the immediate recovery phase and throughout the first year. Of course this is not possible with many patients who travel from out of state or a long distance. Patients are like an extended family and whenever I can I love to see them, touch base and many times they are bringing friends in or having facials or other treatments. I say the more often the merrier.. yes I do think it uncommon for any surgeon to say your done at seven weeks unless circumstances dictate this. Best regards and make appointments as you wish for your comfort level.

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Follow Ups Change With Surgeons

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Every surgeon is different when it comes to scheduling their patients follow ups. 

With that perspective, I can only talk about myself: I do like to see my patients at the 6 months post-op mark and at the one year mark. Furthermore, if patients' circumstances allow I tend to schedule follow ups that exceeds the 1 year mark to document the longevity of the procedure. 

That being said, I know of surgeons who don't emphasize on follow ups beyond the 6 months post-op mark but this does not make them less competent surgeons. 

I hope this helps. 

The best of luck to you. 

Dr. Sajjadian

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