How Much More of a Factor is Diet Before Chin Lipo Compared to Medication Afterwards?

Does a low salt diet before chin lipo help just as much as anti-inflammatory medications after a procedure?

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Low sodium diet with chin liposuction

I do not place my chin liposuction patients on any preoperative diet. While salt does cause water retention and thus more swelling we do have our patients watch for a low sodium diet for any procedure in the post operative phase. As far as starting a low sodium diet prior to surgery it should have no long term effect on the overall results. It may help in the beginning stages with minimal swelling difference if you typically use large amounts of salt. All surgeons protocol differs regarding post surgical anti-inflammation medications and whether they are indicated or needed is on a per patient diagnosis. Chin liposuction is a very highly effective procedure with amazing results! Best regards, Shelley Elam

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Diet before Liposuction

Thank you for the question.

Generally it is in patients'  best interest to have achieved a long-term stable weight before undergoing liposuction surgery. The surgery is meant to treat diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue.

Anti-inflammatory medications after the procedure are in my opinion  of less importance when it comes to the end results of the liposuction surgery. These medications will help with swelling and discomfort but will not necessarily determine the success of the operation as much as maintaining stable weight.

I hope this helps.

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