What is More Effective, Exilis or Coolsculpt for Outer Thigh Fat?

What is more effective for excess fat on the outer thighs, Exilis or Coolsculpt?

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Fat reduction with CoolSculpting or Exilis

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I am not aware of a study investigating a split study of the fat loss with CoolSculpting by Zeltiq vs. Exilis. CoolSculpting is done one to a few times, but Exilis is done over several sessions. There is good scientific evidence that the CoolSculpting kills the fat cells but I am wondering if the Exilis only liquifies the fat to some extent out of the fat cells.  Not all fat cells die with the CoolSculpting and the residual fat cells could engorge more fat if the person gains weight after the treatment, but if the Exilis treatment only provides temporary reduction of fat volume then there would theoretically be greater opportunity for the fat cells to store more fat if the person gains weight. This deserves a well done study to compare the two technologies.  Currently the treatment of outer thigh fat with CoolScullpting is off-label but it is FDA cleared for fat reduction in the abdomen whereas the Exilis has FDA clearance for wrinkles and fine lines but is used off-label for treatment of fat in general.

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