How Much More Effective is a Brow Lift/blepharoplasty for Droopy Eyelids Than a Partial Facelift?

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Facelift for eyelid and brow issues.

In my lexicon, a face lift means lifting the jowls, jawline and neck and the cheek.  Brow lifts a.k.a. forehead lifts a.k.a. brow pexy and blepharoplasty a.k.a. eyelid lift a.k.a. eyelid tuck address brow and eyelid issues.  The vocabulary can be confusing, eh?   Make sure you are on the same page of the plastic surgery dictionary and your plastic surgeon when you decide on surgery!

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Improving Droopy Eye Lids: Facelift v Brow Lift

Plastic Surgeons use the names of their operations to mean different things. There are at least four different ways of doing a brow lift and each method has different advantages and drawbacks. If your eyelids seem droopy because of relaxation of tissues of the upper face, then a brow lift will help put your tissue back where it belongs anatomically. Some type of browlift and blepharoplasty is likely to address features of aging in the upper third of your face. Facelifts also have a least half a dozen variations. A good plastic surgeon will look at you closely and select among the many techniques to fine tune the result for you. A "partial" facelift probably will not change your eyes. Your question is a complex one. Good luck!

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Droopy eyelids

Different procedures work for different areas of the face - if your brows are low and contributing to the sagging skin of your upper eyelids, you will need a browlift as well as a blepharoplasty.  A facelift treats the lower 1/3 of the face and neck, and a midfacelift can help rejuvenate the central/cheek area.  Sometimes the terminology gets very confusing between surgeons and patients - make sure you understand exactly what your surgeon is proposing and the outcome he/she is expecting! 

Facelifts don't treat the eyes

Droopy eyes can be improved with eyelid surgery and sometimes a browlift.  Facelifts are for jowls, droopy jawlines, neck fat, muscle laxity and skin excess, not for eyelids. 

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