Will Be More Easy Lose Pounds After a Lipo ?

will be more easy to lose pounds after a lipo. or will be the same (hard) We can`t notice If we lose pounds since the water retention?? I notice some time of the day i`m 145 pounds ..later 149... I had a lipo 3 weeks ago thanks

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Liposuction in weight loss

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Liposuction is not a weight changing procedure. It is a shape changing procedure. The perfect liposuction leaves you with an even concentration of fat cells from head to toe so when you gain weight you gain weight evenly instead of gaining all the weight In a problem area like the stomach and the back. When you create a narrow waist with liposuction if you gain weight you're still going to have a curve because you will gain weight evenly in the back waist and hips. A narrow waist always makes good. So don't worry about your weight exercise, eat right, get a tiny waist liposuction and you'll always look good even if you gain a little weight.

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss after lipo

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Weight loss will be no easier or harder after liposuction. It has to do with your intake, your output and how your body processes nutrients. Removing fat cells does not seem to alter this

Fluctuating Weight Common After Liposuction

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For the first several weeks it is common for your weight to fluctuate because of edema (water in your tissues) mobilization. For example if you eat a salty meal, the sodium in the salt will retain water and you will temporarily be heavier, same goes for temporary swelling after exercise, or if you leave your garments off in the first few weeks.

Lipo and weight

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Initially after lipo, patients retain water as a healing mechanism. This usually improves after a few weeks ot months as the tissues heal and the exercise level goes back to normal.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction effects on weight loss potential

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Unfortunately weight loss is not any easier before or after liposuction.  Sometimes, if your garment is tight post op, there can be some sense of early satiety( feel full with less in your stomach).  This can help with portion control.  Good Luck with your recovery.

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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