Will I Get More Definition to Tip Than I Have Now? (photo)

I had upturned curved nose, with wide, undefined tip. 2009 I had tip plasty to remove skin between tip and nasal flaps. Made tip look bigger. I had revision 2010, & 2nd revision 2011. He took from sides of tip only. I have poor definition in tip itself. I have thick skin, and 4 steroid shots. Last one was recent and it's done nothing. Will the nose ever soften and get a bit narrower? If not, will surgically removing scar tissue help soften tip and give me more definition? Thanks!

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Your thick skin limits narrowin

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Iris difficult to make a thick skin nose with a wide tip look narrowed and refined. Improvement may be possible by making the pyramidal base of the nose more projected at the tip.  This would allow the tip structure push into the thik skin and make it appear more narrow from the front. The problem is that it makes it project more from the side view. I would seek advice from aa revision specialist who is comfortable working with thick skin.

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