More Damage After Laser Resurface, What Can I Do for Dark Indentations?

I previously asked and the answer did not include a response in regard to the lines. I had CO2 Deka Dot on 10/3 laser was set at 8. Since then I had alot of problems. IPL and Chemical Peel has helped all the Brown and Redness. However I still have very deep engraved lines on my ENTIRE face they are certainly from the Laser. I have seen nothing n regard to this. What is it? Is it likely to go away? had Laser Genesis 2 times and there still there. Huge pores everywhere and dark indentations?

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Dark indentations from co2 laser.

Dark indentations from co2 laser. Well, I would first really look at your before photos to see how your skin really was and find the true difference after your co2 laser treatment. The deep engraved lines is strange and I wonder if it is scarring from the laser. I would have to see photos to really comment. The dark indentations could be improved through different means, subcision, excision, deep chemical peeling, etc. But I would wait at least 6m – 2 years before doing anything drastic


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