How Can I Get More Cleavage?

I am pretty comfortable with the size of my breasts, but I really wish they were fuller in the upper pole so I would have more cleavage. I wouldn't mind maybe going up a cup size or two (currently a 32C), but my main concern is increasing my cleavage.

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Breast Implants usually improve cleavage, but it depends


I know answers like "it depends" are not the most pleasing, but it is the truth. Making cleavage depends to an extent upon your anatomy -- how wide is your breast bone, the angle of your ribs on your chest, etc. Some women are able to have more cleavage produced with breast implants than others. Much of this is technical.

Larger implants and pocket modifications can usually produce more cleavage, but without knowing what you have in place or these other items it is difficult to hazard a guess. Some women need a breast lift to re-arrange the breast tissue as well to produce the best cleavage. This is uncommon though.

Sorting this out will take a visit to a good surgeon and time.

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Achieving cleavage

Cleavage will be the result of placing implants that will appear close together in the middle of your chest. Achieveing this result can be accomplished via a variety of interventions discussed here. However, this depends heavily on your antatomy in addition to implant, size, placement, etc. To learn more schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgein

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I would have to say that an implant is in order. As implants increase in size, they tend to increase in projection more than projection. You may want to look into "low profile" implants which will give you larger diameter with less projection.

Silicone implants will tend to give less projection than similiar sized saline implants.

Hope this helps.


Creating cleavage with implants

In order to create cleavage with implants you need to use an implant that is close to the maximum width your chest wall can handle. Also, depending on your anatomy, a moderate plus or high profile implant might be best. Some people cannot achieve the cleavage they want no matter what you do because of their own starting point so you should ask several qualified plastic surgeons whether you have the capacity to get what you want.

High profile breast implants give more cleavage

In my experience, high profile breast implants are more likely to increase breast cleavage than low profile breast implants.

The surgeon is also able to place the implants closer to the cleavage area and avoid creating the breast implant pocket too far laterally (toward the side). If the pocket is too large or too open on the sides, the implant is more likely to fall out toward the side of the chest and cleavage is lost.

Breast implants and cleavage


1)  Breast implants have to be centered under your nipples.

2)  If your nipples point too far outward, then it is hard to increase cleavage with implants.

3)  Otherwise, breast implants will increase your cleavage.  And they can always give you upper fullness.

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Increasing breast cleavage with implants

Increasing the amount of cleavage that you have can easily be done with breast implants. You don't have to get super large ones, just increasing the upper pole fullness of your breasts with a moderate size implants would most likely work well. Bring in some pictures from magazines or the internet of breasts and cleavage that you like to your plastic surgeon so that both of you have a good idea of your ideal shape. Good luck!

Getting more cleavage

Dear Bellakate02,

You state that your "main concern is increasing my cleavage" even though you are "pretty comfortable with the size of my breasts" but..."wouldn't mind maybe going up a cup size or two (currently a 32C), " AND " really wish they were fuller in the upper pole" .

Most people have differing visual an conceptual definitions of CLEAVAGE often NOT distinguishing between how the breasts look upright when the woman is NAKED VS. DRESSED - when the breasts pushed up and centrally by a bra, other device (IE ). The difference is important.

Cleavage is dryly defined as "the depression, hollow or space between a woman's breasts, as revealed by a low-cut dress ". Also defined as :"The visible by-product when a woman wears a bra/corset/top that pushes her breasts together" by By this definition CLEAVAGE is the view of breast "togetherness" when the breasts are supported NOT naked. Such cleavage can be increased easily by various tops and bras and in a more complicated way by wide-based implants which encroach on the midline AND higher projecting implants which provide more implant height. The problem is that not all women's existing anatomy will permit use of such implants.

Several factors GREATLY influence how your implants will look on you.

Some of these are: The amount of your chest tabletop flatness AND extent of your chest slope (most men have flatter chests while women have varying degrees of chest flatness and lateral angulation (like the appearance of the keel of a boat or bird chest)) - If a wide implant is placed in such a woman, it will literally slip and slide off the side of the chest and we have ALL seen such results at the beach or the pool. If the surgeon attempts to lift the muscles too much centrally to allow implants to almost meet one another, the two pockets may merge forming a UNI-BREAST (symmastia) which is very hard to fix.

In summary, your particular anatomy would largely dictate the size of the implants that can be used safely and which would produce a pleasing, sexy result. Pushing the envelope with larger implants or over enlarging the pockets centrally often results in ugly results which are challenging if not impossible to fix.

I hope this was helpful.

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Breast implants will enhance upper pole fullness and cleavage within limits

A breast implant will enhance your existing cleavage. This is easy to demonstrate if you stand infront a mirror and apply pressure on the breast directed medially.Upper pole fullness will be acheived with any implant. It is important to be realistic when it comes to cleavage. Your anatomy will also determine this. Best of luck!

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Cleavage begins with your anatomy

A concern of many women seeking breast enlargement is cleavage. However, what most women don't realize is that this depends heavily on your anatomy, that is -- the shape of your chest. The issues here are the width of the breast bone, and the tilt of your chest wall. If your breast bone is narrow, and the gap between your breasts is narrow, you will almost always have cleavage, even without an implant. However, if your breast bone is wide, there will always be a natural separation between your breasts, and attempts to narrow this space by placing implants closer together can give an abnormal appearace.

Then you must considered the plane, or tilt of your chest wall. The breast sits on this plane. If the planes of each side of your chest tilt inward (like someone with a pectus excavatum or "pigeon chest") you will have great cleavage because your breasts naturally tilit inward. However, if the opposit is true and the sides of your chest tilt outward, so will your breasts. In this situation, cleavage is very difficult to obtain.

Breast implants are great for increasing the overall profile and shape of your breasts, and in giving additional fullness to the upper pole. So they will be a very good option for you. Be careful in trying to get cleavage if your anatomy is does not lend itself to this. If one attempts to move the implants (if they are on top of the muscle) too close together in order to achieve cleavage you are at risk for symmastia, where there is not separation between the breasts ( the so called "uni-boob"). And, I find the best resutls are acheived with the width of the breast impant is no greater than the width of your natual breast. Most women want more projection, and not wider breasts. Also, the implants should be centered under your nipples to look natural. If your breasts are too close to the middle and the nipple is on the outside of your breast mound, this will also look abnormal.

So my best advice is accept what your anatomy will or will not allow, and work with a board certified plastic surgeon to get great improvment in your shape. Even if you natually have less cleavage than you want, if you have a nice and soft result after your enlargement, you can achieve the appearance of good cleavage by working with different sytle bras.

Good luck!

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