More Circumference After Body Lift?

I got a body lift and i am now 7 days postop. Its a quite early stage and i know swelling is common, but is it normal to have 10 cm more waist circumference than pre op?

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Increase in waist after LBL?

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Thanks for your post. It might be a good idea to talk to your surgeon about this and rule out a trapped fluid collection under the skin. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Swelling After Body Lift Can Be Significant

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Thank you for your  question. At about 3-7 days after surgery, swelling tends to reach its peak and can be significant after a body lift. A 10 cm increase in circumference is not out of the norm. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon to get some peace of mind. Best wishes on your recovery.

More Circumference After Body Lift?

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I can, think off the top, of four contributing reasons, none of which should affect your final outcome.

  • swelling, normal after surgery
  • increased intra-abdominal size, common with narcotic pain meds which slow intestinal motility
  • measurement error--it is quite difficult to consistently measure circumference. The slightest tilt of difference in site of measurement can make a large difference. I have had patients after liposuction whose measurements seemed larger, yet whose clothes fit more loosely than before. 
  • a tight closure along the flanks can diminish the contour of the waist--straight line being the shortest difference between two points.  As the skin is allowed to stretch and remodel, it can be expected to recontour to fit the curves at the waist.


Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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