Can You Have More Children After a Gastric Band? I Already Have Two but May Want More..

I am 25yrs old with two children, I am 5,2ft and weigh 18 stone. I am considering weight loss surgery such as a gastric band but I think I will want more children and dont know if you can be pregnant again with a gastric band?

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Yes can be mommy

After bariatric surgery is always advisable to wait at least 18 months before becoming pregnant because it can cause low birth weight baby. If pregnancy occurs during this period should have a more strict adherence to Nutrology supported.
The infertile women related to obesity will improve and regain the ability to be mothers, not by surgery but by leave obesity.

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Lap-Band and Pregnancy

The Lap-Band is safe for pregnant women and their babies. Women who lose weight often find that their fertility is improved and that they have a better chance of success at getting pregnant. Losing weight makes pregnancy safer and likely more comfortable. The Lap-Band does not cause any nutritional deficiencies so mother and baby are not malnourished if the mother is eating a healthy diet.


The Lap-Band is adjustable, which means, it can be "de-filled" if necessary to allow an increase in the amount of food consumed each day during pregnancy. After the pregnancy, the band can be "filled" again which tightens it to help with portion control and weight loss. All in all, Lap-Band surgery is the safest surgical weight loss solution for women who plan to get pregnant in the future.

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Pregnancy after the band--Absolutely

Absolutely.  We have seen MANY of our patients lose weight with their band and have healthy babies.  In fact, you will probably have a safer and healthier pregnancy after your band because you will be at a healthier weight.  Studies show that there is less risk of pre-term deliveries and complications as well when a pregnant woman is at a healthy weight. In addition, we typically leave a slightly longer tubing when placing a band for a woman during childbearing years to allow for the expanding abdomen during pregnancy.   Whether or not your band is adjusted or emptied during pregnancy depends on many factors including the course of your pregnancy, your weight gain during pregnancy, fetal growth, etc. We will follow you during your pregnancy to discuss these things.

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Pregnancy after Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery does not interfere with subsequent pregnancies but it may limit the amount you can eat and thereby impact on your nutrition while you are pregnant and after. I would consult win your Ob to see if it is better to have the procedure now or wait until you completed your family. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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