Need More Balance on my Face, Injection on my Mandibula or Zygoma Reduction?

Dear doctors, My lower face is too narrow compared to my middle face, and my hairline is too "high" so my face looks disproportionate. Can hair transplant fix that? what's better, Shaving the zygoma bones or radiess injection on my mandibula to enlarge the bottom of my face? There isn't definition between my neck and my face, need a lipo? I also have flat forehead, are radiess injections safe in this area? Thanks a million to take the time to read and answer you're all amazing and very helpful!

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Balancing face

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While it is helpful to see photos, unfortunately it is difficult to say without seeing the entire face and evaluating you in person. The hairline in some patients can be lowered or possible hair transplantation can be performed.  WIdening the lower jaw region can be done in several ways if necessary.

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