More almond shaped eyes? (photo)

I was told I shouldn't have canthopexy surgery. What are my surgical options

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The purpose of a consultation is to explore what you are looking for.

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The surgeon needs to explore what you are looking to achieve.  That is why is is essential to have a one to one consultation between the patient and the surgeon.  Without assessing you myself, I would agree that it is improbable that canthal surgery will be right for you.  You do have a very "almond" eye.  Will the surgery make you look more "almond" shaped or something else?  It reading this without knowing anything about you, I would be concerned that you are seeking something that you can not precisely put into words.  That means that you are going to be asking a surgeon to read your mind.  How good will they be at doing that?  You might get lucky or you might realize after surgery that your surgeon really did not understand what you were looking for.  Then what? 

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Almond eyes

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Your eyes are already large and almond shaped.  The second photo shows a slight drooping of your upper eyelids.  I don't think your eyes need to be any longer.  Canthopexy can reset the outer corner of the eye so that it is lower or higher.  The slant of your eye, based on a line drawn through the inner and outer corner is already apparent.  I wouldn't recommended increasing this slant.  It's possible that ptosis surgery could open your eyes further, which might make your eyes bigger in the vertical dimension.

Shim Ching, MD
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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