Will I Need More then 50cc to Correct Pectus Deformity? (photo)

right now from axis 3d machine (which I feel doesn't know how deep the difference is it only knows the skin surface? ) the machine made 500cc right and 550cc left HP look the MOST even out of all the implants we tried (even tho I didn't pick any it was all the nurse) BUT .. I noticed AFTER going home an looking up implant diameters that 650cc UHP has same diameter as my right 500ccHP but has more projection then the 550 which I feel will need after I'm opened an realize how different my ribcage is

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Your concerns are clear.  You need to speak with the plastic surgeon directly and not the nurse.  He is more qualified to address your concerns. FYI the UHP implant will create the most rounded shaped breast.

Correcting Pectus Deformity with Breast Augmentation

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You are right. Machines are no match for human evaluation. Likewise, a nurse is no substitute for a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon who does significant breast surgery in people with abnormalities like yours. From the below view it appears that you have probably more than 100 cc's difference in the 2 sides. Make sure your surgeon has much experience in people like you and insist on his/her direct involvement in choosing the implants.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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