I want to make my ears a lot smaller, how does the procedure go?

 And if so, how much would it cost?

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I want to make my ears smaller

Doing an Otoplasty will make your ears appear smaller if they are sticking out to far.  Sometimes reducing the earlobes can be done if they are large.  I suggest you get a plastic surgeon' s opinion.

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There are 2 types of cosmetic procedures on ears. First, a procedure to change the angle of the ear from the head (pinning prominent or lop ears closer to the skull) which is the more common type and is usually done through an incision behind the ear. Thus, by making ears less prominent that way, one can give the illusion of smaller ears. The second type of surgery is to truly remove a portion of the ear in a triangular wedge shape (like a slice of pizza) either from the cartilaginous (top) part, or the soft lobule (bottom) portion of the ear. 

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I want to make my ears a lot smaller, how does the procedure go?

If your ears are protruding and they are pinned closer to your head, they will automatically appear smaller. If they aren’t protruding, they can only be made smaller by means of a wedge-shaped excision from the ears. This would, however, result in a visible scar running over the ear from the inside to the outside.


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