Hole in my breast one month post op (Photo)

I had implants a month ago, I have a small hole, it hurts,burns . my nipple also hurts. I get a cramp from time to time.

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See your surgeon

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It is not uncommon to have tension and a slight wound breakdown at the confluence of suture lines at 6 oclock on the areola and at the bottom of the breast. You should have close follow-up with your surgeon, as open wounds typically heal, but could lead to infection if the deeper tissue is compromised and this could lead to an implant infection.

Small wound after reduction or lift

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Thank you for your question.  Small wounds where 2 incision lines come together are not uncommon.  This can be from a bit of tension on the skin or simply a suture that works its way out.  The body will heal this by itself in time.  Best to follow the directions of your surgeon who will help you through the healing process.

Small stitch abscess after mastopexy breast augmentation will probably heal with wound care.

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The junction of the vertical incision in the periareolar incision often times can lead to a minor wound healing issue. Usually this feels with good wound care. Nevertheless, this whole process should be guided by your own surgeon.

Breast lift with implants

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When a wound opens like this and does not heal, usually there is a suture there causing the problem.  With local wound care you will heal just fine.  Follow up with your PS.

Opening painful incision a month after imp lants

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Thank you for your question about your breast implants and breast lift.

  • The opening is at the join of the vertical breast lift incision and the areolar incision.
  • The photo suggests you have a deep suture that cannot absorb and is rising to the surface.
  • See your plastic surgeon - if the suture knot can be found and removed, the opening will heal quickly.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Normal complication

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It looks like in addition to getting implants, you also had a lift done. The "hole" is a wound breakdown that happens with breast lifts, and when combined with breast implants, especially prone, since there are opposing forces happening (smaller bag, larger volume to fill the bag). 
you need to keep in touch with your surgeon as I am sure he/she has a wound care regimen for that to get it to heal quickly. In general, keep it clean and moist and it will heal quickly. The quicker it heals, the better chance you have at it heal with a nice scar. 

Breast wound

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Thanks for your question. This is not an uncommon site for wound healing problems where the incision around the areola meets the vertical incision. It's a point where there is some tension on the skin edges, and blood supply is not as great. This typically heals within 3-6 weeks, but sometimes requires a minor procedure to re-close the wound. I would call your surgeon today and let he/she know. Best wishes.

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