Third Operation for Asymmetry on the Left Breast?

My first operation i was 19 . My left breast never developed at all. This implant was removed a year later due to capsule contraction. Waited ten years and another was put in, saline and under the muscle. Recently I went to see a surgeon in reagards to having it replaced it is very high up. At the same time i am considering augmenting the right side due to the fact that i am 42 and it has it has begun to sag and it is considerably smaller than my left side with the implant. Any suggetions?

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Breast asymmetry

Photographs would be needed to help advise you on your situation, please include front and side views.  Thank you.

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It is very hard to determine whether saline or silicone would be best for you, without examining you. If you have a symmetrical problems saline would be the best option for you.

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