Venus Freeze treatment for the face?

Is the Venus Freeze treatment for the face is having good efficency for skin tighning and tonicity? Does everybody who do it more then 6 treatments sees results?

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Venus Legacy/Venus Freeze

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Lift FX by Venus Legacy can reduce volume and tighten skin for a smother jawline.  Additionally, it can reduce fluid around eyes for a refreshed look.  The magnetic pulses combined with multipolar radiofrequency technology of the Venus treatment will lead to thick and tight collagen bundles. Fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen which leads to improved tightness and elasticity of the treated skin. Six to ten treatments are required to achieve best results.  Ultherapy provides a great alternative option with great results for lifting and skin tightening.

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Venus Freeze / Legacy

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Hi and thank you for your question!

Venus Freeze or Legacy, as it is now referred to, uses multipolar radiofrequency to tighten the skin and tissues. Radiofrequency is an effective form of skin tightening and the Venus Legacy is one of the most effective machines. With all of these non-surgical, energy based devices, there is no way to predict outcome. There is always a small percentage of non-responders or patients who respond much less, for some reason or another. However, most will get some skin tightening. For the face, we also highly recommend Ultherapy for face and neck skin lifting and tightening. This can be done in one treatment, once every few years to maintain. We find the results to be more dramatic & predictable with the one treatment of Ultherapy.


Dr. Grant Stevens

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