Can we just touch the tip of the nose when there is a pollybeak after 1rst rhino? Do I need a dorsal graft in my case? (Photo)

My surgeons told my that in my revision rinoplasty he can only retouch the tip of my nose. Reduce the cartilage and cut the tissus if there's some and after inject cortisone. Do a really need a dorsal graft in my case?

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Can we just touch the tip of the nose when there is a Polly beak after the first rhinoplasty?

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By only touching the tip of the nose, the shallow bridge will still be left intact  And will  probably leave more of a ski slope than you would like, therefore a dorsal graft may be required. Revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty so choose your second surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience producing natural results.

Nasal dorsum

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You would have to be examined in person to see what the issue is. You might have had too much dorsal resection. You may have untreated distal septal cartilage causing this elevation or it could be scar tissue as well. Best to evaluate in person.

Polly beak, alar retraction, dorsal augmentation, nasal tip grafting

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mynose,  With the photographs that you provided only the left side of the nose is visible making it difficult to compare the asymmetry with the opposite side.  It does indeed appear as though the projection of the tip is  more of a problem than the over resection of the nasal dorsum. Slight retraction of the margin of the nostril is starting to develop.  If you are beyond a year from her surgery should not worsen.  However if your surgery was recently then this deformity may continue to become worse.  To get the best result with improvement of the tip and the overall appearance of the nose I would recommend slight augmentation of the dorsum as well for finding the nasal tip and supporting the alar margins. if nothing was done to the nasal septum at the time of the primary surgery than adequate cartilage should be available there to make the recommended corrections.  If septal cartilage was removed with the initial surgery might be necessary to obtain cartilage from the ear or rib to repair the nose.

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