Is this swelling normal more than 24 hours after lip fillers? Not going down, but more and more swelling. (photos)

I used lip fillers (first time) yesterday. I wanted a very natural look. I have seen great results on some on my Dr.'s patients and loved the natural look. I always had dried/dehydrated lips and thought a filler could be a good thing to solve this problem (as well as the size). The thing is, the swelling is NOT going down, but the opposite. I have used 1 syringe (1 cc.) of FORTÉLIS for my lips. Is this normal? Was 1 cc. too much? What can I do? Photo : Before / 2 hours after / 30 hours after

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Lip swelling after fillers

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Rest assured, lip swelling is very common after filler injections and can sometimes last for up to 3-4 weeks. It's important that you follow up with your injecting physician in a couple weeks so he/she can evaluate your results. 

Swelling After Lip Injection with Filler

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Swelling is very normal after a lip injection and, in fact, in injection.  It takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for all of the swelling to completely resolve.  Be patient, I believe you will get an excellent result.

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Is this swelling normal more than 24 hours after lip fillers?

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Yes, swelling is very normal following lip injections!  It may take a few days to a week or so to completely go away.  I believe you had a nice result and you will like it! 

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