Scar revision.

I wanted to know if my scar isn't curable with creams and the doctor tells me I need to do a scar revision .. or laser Is the doctor responsible of it or the patient is obliged to pay again.? And if he ends up charging you can u refuse to pay or even sue him cause after all it's "beauty" surgery so you dont want to walk out with a ugly looking job that you have to end paying for again

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Scar revision

A poor scar  most of the times is a result of genetic tendencies or poor wound healing which doctors call secondary wound healing. Wound healing in the presence of wound infection. Hyper pigmentation results from exposure to sunlight soon after the formation of scar.All these are preventable .Sun cream more than 50% SPF is helpful to be applied 30 mins before the sun exposure.

The scar is normally treated with Silicone sheets which is available in most pharmacies and there are are endless scar creams that can also help you.

Certain types of scar respond to Fractional laser therapy.

I find Rosa Mosquita oil massage 3 times daily  very effective.Its an abstract of a flower best produced in Brazil.You can hunt on net and order it.

Finally a scar revision and injection of Kenacort ( locally acting steroid) into the wound edges  followed by all these methods can work

Wish you all the best.

Scar revision

Poor scarring isn't necessarily the fault of the doctor performing the surgery.  A patient's body lays down collagen to heal a scar, which can result in a scar looking like a thin, fine line, or result in a thick, unsightly keloid. Sometimes using scar creams, injections of steroid, and laser treatments can help a scar look better, but even if everything is done, sometimes scars just don't heal well. So don't necessarily blame the doctor for how it heals. Usually it's a combination of factors that heal a scar.

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