Is a rib graft the best option for a 3rd rhinoplasty?

I had a revision rhino 6 years ago. Fast forward and the structure didn't hold up. The nose is twisted and collapsed in some areas. It's also quite sore. The same surgeon is willing to correct the nose but he recommends a rib graft since it's the bridge. I have thin skin and I'm worried about the recovery, reabsorption, graft shifting and warping. I also have a 1 year old that I have to lift. Is rib truly the best in this case? I just don't want to be in a similar situation in another 6 years.

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Is Rib Graft Best Option for 3rd Rhinoplasty?

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You may need a rib graft but in over 35 years I have rarely needed to harvest from the ribs. Typically there is enough residual cartilage in the septum and ears for the crushed cartilage/fascia graft that I frequently use in patients like yourself.

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Rib graft

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A rib graft whether taken from you or out of a bottle( irradiated cadaver cartilage) is an option for some especially if a large graft is needed to augment the dorsum.

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