Removal of auxiliary breast tissue + lypo of area - what are common side effects/issues/abnormalities seen post-surgery?

7 years ago I had benign tumours removed from my right breast, 3 years ago I had a revision to remove auxiliary/armpit breast tissue - the results were completely un successful. 1 week ago I went for lypo of area. Was left in bloody bandage 5 days, no compression garment given, steristrips left on as well, have swelling of lypo-ed area as well as hardening. Looks worse the before. Is this normal? Should I purchase a compression garment? Remove the steri-strips? Help? Surgeon is not question friendly

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Irregularities can persist after axillary tail liposuction

and with breast tissue, its always a possibility excision (rather than liposuction) may be needed.  Regardless, your surgeon should be 'question friendly' and if not, that is what social media is for in addition to formal complaints you can register through the medical board.  With your issues, you should simply ask the surgeon if that is what was expected and if so, how can you make it better.  And if evasive and this was cosmetic, get a second opinion.  If insurance, sometimes you are stuck with whomever is contracted but you can always file a complaint with your insurance carrier.

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Liposuction of accessory breast tissue

Based on your description it sounds as though you may have bleeding and swelling in the area that was treated with liposuction.

Your surgeon also set to you to be "question friendly."  As a patient with a patient of Bill of rights you have the right to demand answers to your questions.

If your plastic surgeon refuses to answer your questions to your satisfaction tell him or her that you intend to report this behavior to the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Hopefully you chose a surgeon who is board certified..

Lipo of axillary rollls

I think that you need to talk to your surgeon or his staff. Without an exam in person it is difficult to say. If liposuction was performed, it will be swollen.

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