Recovery after IPL + Microlaser Peel + ProFractional

What are the daily steps my skin will go through after a combination of Sciton IPL + Microlaser Peel + ProFractional? How long after the treatment will I start peeling? How long after the treatment will I see my new skin? What can I do to accelerate the healing process - Should I exfoliate with my fingers or with a face cloth? What is the best cream to use and for how long should I use it?

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Thank you for your question kmodafferi. I understand your concern. IPL is a great treatment for facial rejuvenation. It works especially well when combined with ablative treatments such as the Micro Laser Peel and Pro Fractional Therapy. Healing time depends on the settings used. Some do not necessarily get peeling but others do. Some see pinpoint crusting and others do not. For my patients I recommend using the Avene Thermal spray water immediately followed by an occlusive moisturizer such as the Elta MD Intense moisturizer every 2 hours for the first week to help with the healing process. Full results are seen anywhere from 1 to 3 months after a treatment.

Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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