Need polly beak revision expert? (Photos)

Hi, im from Montreal, Canada and i had a rhinoplasty 1 year agos. I have a polly beak and i hate it i want a revision rhinoplasty. Wich doctor in canada would be able to repare my nose? Thank you so much

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Revision rhinoplasty for the pollybeak etc.

A revision rhinoplasty done by a very experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist can repair your deformity. You also have insufficient tip projection and both of these should be corrected at the same time. Therefore see a surgeon skilled in understanding this problem and  these techniques.  This should be based on looking at the surgeons actual results with revisions like yours and worse and not  relying on imaging. 

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Revision rhinoplasty specialist

In addition to the Polly beak, there is a hanging columella that should also be reduced as well. Look for a surgeon with extensive experience in rhinoplasty for best results. For more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below

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Polly Beak Revision

Polly beak deformity is one of the most common complications that can result from rhinoplasty surgery. The deformity gets its name because it bears resemblance to a parrot’s beak: the nose reaches its highest projection right above the nasal tip while the nasal tip curves downward. Some causes of a polly beak include the following excess scar formation in the supratip area, removal of a dorsal hump without sufficiently reducing the top of the septum or the tip of the nose settling more than predicted. While every case requires a customized approach, there are a few common techniques that are used to correct this condition. The surgeon may perform the following: Inject a steroid into excess scar tissue (non-surgical), trim the septum and cartilage in the polly beak area, add or remove cartilage from the nasal tip and/or add dorsal grafts to support the bridge and restore balance. If your original surgeon is a rhinoplasty specialist and highly experienced in performing rhinoplasty revisions, they would be the best person to perform your revision surgery.

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