Where should an otoplasty scar be located and is it normal that its seen from behind? (photo)

I have done otoplasty 5 months ago and I wanted a natural result. The problem is that my ear is closer to my head but not completely flat against my head so I have one scar behind my ear that is still red and visible from behind. I thought the incisions wouldnt be visible. But, the incision is in the middle of my ear cartilage (back) . Is this normal and when will it become invisible? You can see the picture attached that isnt very clear but you can see the location. Thank you

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Otoplasty scar

It is normal to have a scar visible from behind. The redness should subside over the next few months. In the mean time you can use a cover up. RegardsDr. J

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Otoplasty scar

There are invisible scars only with the Merck stitch method. As you were operated on with a traditional otoplasty, by which the back of the ear is cut open, it is normal that you have got a scar. Later on the scar will not be so visible anymore as it will lose its current red coloring.  

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Otoplasty scar

Although it's a bit difficult to tell from the photo, the scar looks like it's in about the right place.  At 5 months, things should be at least starting to quiet down (get less red and flatter).  If that's not the case, go back to your surgeon and let him take a look.  There are a whole bunch of things that can be done to make things better!

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