Is This Open Roof? What is It? (photo)

I had a revision 3 wks ago (due to remaining bump) but I STILL can see the same hump! My surgeon said he didn't wanna rasp too much! Why wouldn't he wanna remove the hump after 2 surgeries? :( Not to mention that I also have a thin skin! I can already see/feel the edges of my nose and a VERY tiny vertical line in the center of the hump! Is that Open roof? if so what can be done & is it Surgeon's fault? Can't believe I did 2 surgeries and still have the hump! Is it gonna look worse w/ time? :((

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Sorry to hear about your disappointment. Without an exam we cannot give accurate advice. I do see the hump that you refer too. You should get a second opinion. Go to a certified PS.


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