Lumb on Nose a Year After Artefill?

Hello, I had Artefill injected in the upper bridge part of my nose last year in May. (Artefill Rhinoplasty). In the past 2 weeks ive noticed that there is a small lump under the skin that has appeared. It looks a little bit red (maybe because I massaged it) If I massage it it goes away but then it comes back the next day. What is it? Could it be a granuloma ? There is not pain if I touch it. By the way I went to a board certified plastic surgeon who does this procedure regularly.

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Lump on nose after Artefill

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Without seeing you or at least seeing a picture of the lump on your nose, it's impossible to know what could be causing the issue a year after the Artefill treatment to your nose.  I would recommend returning to the physician who treated you so that you can be evaluated to try and determine what might be the cause of your problem.  

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