How long until the swelling in my breast goes down?

Hi, I just had breast reduction surgery 3 weeks ago and my left breast has been swelling more than my right breast. I understand that asymmetrical swelling may be normal but I'd really like it to go down and wonder when it will. It's been like this for 2 weeks now and I thought that all swelling was supposed to go down in a month... I'm very sad and my perfectionist side is making me go mad.. Thank you for your time and your kind answers.

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Swelling After Breast Reduction Surgery

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Thank you for your question and congratulations on your decision to undergo #breastreduction surgery. You are still very early in your recovery/healing process. Remember, you just had major surgery.  As you know, swelling after this type of surgery is common, everyone heals differently and your breasts may even heal differently. Because breast tissue is significantly disrupted during surgery, it may take six months to a year before all swelling subsides and the final breast reduction surgery results become apparent. Be patient and make sure that you are following ALL of your post-op instructions including activity. Good Luck!

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Breast Reduction - Swelling

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Thank you for your inquiry.  A photo would be helpful to help you answer this question.  You are correct, swelling is normal after surgery.  I've seen some asymmetry following a reduction, but typically it's only a slight difference in size due to swelling.  I would schedule a follow up visit with your plastic surgeon to determine if you're having swelling or to determine if something else is going on. Best of luck.

Rafi S. Bidros, MD, FACS
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Swelling of the breast can take several months to subside. If one breast is much larger you might want to check with your doctor to be evaluted in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How long until the swelling in my breast goes down?

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It usually takes around 6 months to one year for your breasts to fully recover from the operation. By this time you would see the final results of your breast reduction operation.

Charles Nduka, MD
London Plastic Surgeon
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