How long after chicken pox can I start using a Derma Roller?

I had the outbreak as a 24-year-old female, one month ago! I have a few deep holes on my face and dark marks all over! I have been doing a lot of research and found out recently that I could use this procedure at home to reduce scarring...Please advice on this treatment. Also, I am dark skinned and was wondering if a light chemical peel would help!

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How long after chicken pox can I start using a Derma Roller?

Thanks for your query.1 month is a sufficient time after which you can start doing dermaroller. Chemical peels also helps lightening the marks and also helps in the scars but it is not advisable to do it a home, it should be done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The best peel suited can be assessed only after proper physical examination. Hope it helps.

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Chicken pox and skin rolling

I would not use a peel, but yes, rolling can help a little. Not the best treatment, but it can help. Energy based micro needling is the best. Fillers with subscision as per video below can make a huge difference. 
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Dermaroller for chicken pox scarring

Atrophic chickenpox scars can be improved with dermaroller, Ematrix RF, and fractional lasers early after development of the scars. 
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I would appreciate a photograph to rule out the depth of your scars and hyperpigmentations. Chicken pox scar treatment can be started in 3 to 6 months post recovery when it becomes a matured scar. This could be dealt with microneedling techniques. A dermapen is advised if the scars are few and not wide spread.  

Superficial chemical peels are the best for dusky to dark skinned individuals to avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentations occured if there is no proper guidance during the maintenance phase. Always remember to get treatment done under a medical supervision. Good Luck .

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