Corner lip lift surgery; options?

hi doctors, I am a 20 years old girl and I am thinking about doing a surgery of my mouth corner. I have done some researches but seems like most of the doctors in montreal only offer the a upper lip lift which is to cut an incision under the nose...but I only want to lift the mouth corner since I look really upset and numb when I am not smiling... I hope i explain it clear! Pls leave your contact info if you can do this surgery for me, thanks!

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Options for Corner Lip Lift

Thanks for your question! Your explanation is clear. While lip lift very commonly refers to the area between the nose and upper lip, the term can also be used to describe what you are referring to.  I call it a commissure lift or a corner of the mouth lift. This is a very common procedure for women who feel the corners of their mouth turn down at rest.  This can be corrected in an office setting under local anesthesia by removing a small triangle of tissue from above each corner of the upper lip.  The area is then tightened and the incisions are closed with fine sutures, which will be removed in a week.  Although this will result in small scars, they will improve over time and can be covered with makeup shortly after the procedure. Another option I would suggest is botulinum toxin injected into the muscles that bring the corners of the mouth down. This can weaken the muscle and result in a softened look.

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Lip Augmentation

Thank you for your question. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in all kinds of lip augmentation. The ability to perform all lip surgeries (fat injections, direct lip lift, subnasal lip lift and corner lip lift) allows the surgeon to be very knowledgeable and understand how each type of surgery provides a specific benefit.

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