I am thinking of "CoolSculpting" to remove double chin. Can it be effective? (Photo)

63 male with a double chin .My fear is reducing the fat but being left with loose skin(turkey neck). Is this a probable outcome given I don't have the skin elasticity of a 40 year old?

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CoolSculpting can be used to target submental fullness with the CoolMini applicator. While there are some providers that say the skin is stimulated to tighten with treatment, it is currently unknown whether this is true. CoolSculpting, Kybella, and liposuction are all common procedures for reducing submental fullness. Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine the best option for you to achieve your aesthetic goal. Good luck in your research!

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Coolsculpting is an excellent form of non-invasive  fat reduction for the right patient. Some applicators take 1 or 2 hours but the new advantage applicators take only 35 minutes and have significantly less risk for delayed onset pain (especially in the abdomen). Results are seen at 2 months and typically 1-3 treatments will be necessary on each area to achieve ideal results. The number of treatments depends on the amount of fat there and the patient's goals.  There is not downtime and the results can be impressive in the right patient.  We also use the Zimmer Z-wave for improved patient comfort and added results. The best candidates are those who are in pretty good shape with areas of stubborn fat that won't go away no matter what.

However, if you have a lot of excess skin, coolsculpting can not take that away completely.

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Coolsculpting of the Neck

You appear to be a great candidate for Coolsculpting.  Unlike liposuction, Coolsculpting with the cool-mini will not create more skin laxity.  Consider Thermage with the Cool-mini for the best results.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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CoolSculpting for Submental Fat Elimination

Thank you very much for your question and photographs. From your pictures, it would appear that CoolSculpting may not provide the improvement you are seeking for your ‘double chin’. CoolSculpting’s CoolMini is designed to eliminate unwanted submental fat below the chin, however it cannot address excess, loose skin. I recommend that you schedule a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. At this time, he/she can perform an in-person examination to explain the best options to improve your ‘double chin’. 

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Cool Sculpting of the Chin and Neck

CoolSculpting is a great way to reduce the fat under your chin with no down time.  However, it will not tighten significantly loose skin.  If your skin does not have enough elasticity to snug up against your neck after the treatment, it will still sag.  In this case you would need a neck lift instead. The neck lift surgery can include removing excess fat at the same time.

Dana Coberly, MD
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Coolsculpting works on chin fat

Coolsculpting will remove much of your unwanted neck/double chin fat, but it will not help with sagging skin. There are other non-invasive treatments for the neck as well, but none of them will address significant skin laxity. Your best results would probably be a neck lift. 

Sarah A. Mess, MD
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Coolsculpting of chin

You are correct in worrying about loose skin after Coolsculpting of the chin.  Your elasticity can only be determined in person, so make sure you do an in person consultation. Best wishes.

Francisco Canales, MD
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Double Chin-CoolSculpting?

Judging by your photos you would not be a great candidate for CoolSculpting with the CoolMini applicator. CoolSculpting does not address the loose skin you show in the submental (double chin) area, and would leave you with even more loose skin than you desire. I suggest scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to consider other surgical options to address this area of concern. Good luck!

Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS
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CoolSculpting/ CoolMini is not the procedure for you.  Unfortunately, you would be left with more loose skin.  Consider consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon for surgical options.  This will give you more desirable results.  

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Cool Mini

Hello and thank you for reaching out. From the photos you have provided, and your personal fears, I don't think that I would suggest the Cool Mini to be the best fit for you. CoolSculpting in general does not address loose skin, only a decrease in fat layers. I would schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if there are any surgical options. Best Wishes. 

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