I'm 6 days post op of my breast augmentation and I have no feeling in one breast. Will it come back?

Hi, I'm 6 days post op of my breast augmentation (under the muscle through the crease, silicone 280cc low profile plus) and I don't have feeling in the lower pole of one breast and it's nipple. The doc said it was quite normal that some nerves get damaged during the operation but my question is will I get the feeling back?

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Give it time

It is very common to have numbness following a breast augmentation.   You are very early in the recovery process and you just need to give your body time to recover.  The nerves that are damaged can take a long time to heal, much more than other tissues.  In most people it can take six months to a year before the nerves fully heal and the numbness is gone.  It is a small possibility that it can become permanent.  This is a major surgery and you need to give yourself time to fully heal.  If you still have numbness after a year consult with your plastic surgeon to see what their recommendations are.  Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

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No feeling in breast post breast augmentation

Sometimes during the procedure the nerve that gives sensation to the skin area gets stretched and stops working for a period of time, and the swelling can be the cause as well. It normally comes back within 6-8 weeks, although it can take longer. Be patient and stay in touch with your surgeon.

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Sensation in breast

At 6 days post-op you are very early in the healing process. Many times the decrease in sensation has to do with swelling. Often, as the swelling subsides, the sensation improves.

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Breast augmentation - no feeling on one side

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • I know how worrying this is to you but only time will tell if the feeling will return.
  • Permanent loss of feeling can occur after any breast surgery but is quite uncommon.
  • You are swollen now - and swelling makes things numb.
  • Surgery stretches breast nerves and they don't like that.
  • You will need to give this time - 
  • Often an early sign of feeling return is unusual feelings like itching or little electric shocks.
  • I had one patient who lost on feeling on one side - to have it return completely after a year -
  • We know it can take a year and a half for all swelling to subside so it may take longer.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Breast augmentation recovery

It is common for numbness to be experienced after the procedure.  Most patients have the sensation return over time, although occasionally it is permanent.  Recovery will occur over several months.  It is best to try to be patient and continue to follow your surgeon's recommendations.

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No Feeling in Breast After Breast Augmentation #breastaugmentation #breastimplants

  • Some women will experience some numbness of one or both breasts/nipples after breast augmentation.
  • This resolves in the vast majority of patients, but can take a few weeks.
  • Swelling and stretching of the nerve that supplies the nipple can cause this to occur. 
  • Additionally, some women will actually have hypersensitivity of the nipple(s) after breast augmentation, and this can take a month or two to resolve. 

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Breast Augmentation

It is not uncommon to have numbness after surgery. It is particularly worrisome when one side has numbness but the other feels fine. Even though you had the same surgery on each breast certain aspects of the surgery are slighlty different on each side. This can result in more surgical trauma on one side then the other leading to differences in swelling, pain and in your case sensation. It is very early in your recovery and it is highly likely that you will recover full sensation as you continue to heal. This can be a slow proess however. As the nerves recover you may have intermittant " shocky" or electrical sensations ocurring in that breast. This is normal and is a good sign. There is nothing for your doctor or you to do at this point except be patient. Thanks for your question.

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I'm 6 days post op of my breast augmentation and I have no feeling in one breast. Will it come back?

Thank you for your question.  This early after surgery it is certainly possible that feeling will return to your nipple over the next month or 2.  The chance of permanent loss of nipple sensation is about 5% in all cases.  The fact that your implants were placed under the muscle not under the breast increases your chance for recovery of sensation. Please follow up closely with you or plastic surgeon.

Sensation should come back

Thanks for the great question and I hope you're happy with you results. It is very normal for patients to experience temporary loss of sensation in the skin and areola after surgery. This is due to nerves getting stretched from the surgery and will usually come back within a few weeks to months. You may also experience hypersensitivity on the skin which will also get better with time. Be patient right after surgery because there are a lot of little things which will be changing for the next few months. Best of luck!

~Dr. Sieber

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.

You are very early on in your recovery and throughout your recovery period you may experience different sensations such as numbness, tingling, burning or intermittent shooting pain.  These are normal experiences as the skin, muscles and tissue stretch to accommodate your implants, and as sensory nerves heal. I would recommend discussing this with your plastic surgeon so they are aware of your concerns.
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