My First Chemical Peel - Does this look right ? (photos)

I had a chemical peel two days ago on Wednesday the 13th. After my procedure the nurse didn't give me any instructions other than to wash few times a day with cold water and apply spf ... right away noticed red and brown around my mouth and now they are turning sort of scab like. I have absolutely no scanning or any peeling happening on my cheeks.... My main area of concern was my cheeks as they are full of acne scarring... Why is there all this damage around my nose/mouth and no where else on my face!?!

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Chemical Peel and after care

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Your physician should always give you written instructions on how to take care of your skin after a peel.  It is difficult to tell from the photo. I suggest you return to your treating physician for examination.  Best, Dr. Green

Concerned About Chemical Peel

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Thank you for your picture.  Your chemical peel does not look too bad but I always have my patient keep their face moistened with Bacitracin or Aquaphor to allow for more rapid and consistent healing.  Additionally, once the area is healed sunscreen and control of pigmentation is important.

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