Breast uneven! My left breast doesn't feel right.. Lower and fuller. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had breast augmentation 7 weeks ago. 500cc, high profile, under the muscle. My left breast is lower and fuller and seems to be shifting on the side. My right is still high and I've been doing massage to make it drop more but no result yet. will I need a revision?? I'm so upset with the result.

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Hello and thank you for posting a picture along with your questions. One of the most important things when talking about breast augmentation is to completely assess the breasts PRE-operatively. This means, I go into detail on the differences I see between the breasts. usually on breast is larger, one nipple is higher, the crease under the breast can be higher/lower on one side etc... All these things are very important to point out because for the most part these things wont change after surgery unless the difference is so great the surgeon decides to try and make them more symmetric. So, that being said, it would really help to be able to see your pre-operative photos. Also, in the photos, your arms are extended and asymmetric so it makes it much more difficult to see whats going on. I think the best mode of action is to contact your plastic surgeon and inform them of your concerns and see what recs they have for you. If I notice early on that one implant appears to be slightly higher than the other I start aggressively massaging the higher breast myself and have the patient continue massaging more on one side than the other. Sometimes, I will asymmetrically band a patient so as to keep constant pressure on one breast compared to another. Sometimes, one implant will just be higher than the other because the crease on one side may be higher and that serves as a natural "block" for the implant. I hope this helps!
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It’s too early to see your final results.

At 7 weeks, you are still relatively early in the recovery process and it’s too early to decide you need or want breast revision surgery. While your incisions have healed, your skin and tissue are still adjusting and stretching to fit your breast implants. As your body goes through this process, your breasts may look and feel different from each other with one sitting higher or feeling softer because each breast heals at its own speed. Your left breast may be adjusting more quickly than the right. It can take up to 6 months for breast augmentation results to fully develop.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Asymmetric Settling

At 7 weeks your breasts have not finished softening and settling. If you note the left breast getting lower or concerning changes tell your Plastic Surgeon. Otherwise you will likely need to wait a few more months to see the final results.
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