Should I get a breast corrective surgery? (photo)

I got a breast augmentation back in march 14th, 2013. I was a small B cup and had 250 cc silicone implants. I was aware my breast were uneven, but after the augmentation, I find that one of them has remained too small. This is bothering me to the point I don't want to wear anything too tight (because even with the bra on, shows clearly one breast being upper than the other). Should I get corrective surgery on the breast that is smaller and upper? or on the bigger one?

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Breast symmetry post augmentation

Hello Paloma0111- As you are now about six months post breast augmentation, I do not think that your breasts will change much more and you do appear to have asymmetry that could benefit from a revision. Your left breast has pretty contours and I would recommend that you consider changing the right side by having the implant lowered to try and match your left side. I can not tell from the photo if there is a difference in volume beyond the asymmetry of your two different breast shapes. That would have to be addressed with sizers prior to surgery and during surgery. Good luck to you.

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I would consider replacing the right implant with a larger implant and also lowering its pocket as the right implant seems to be higher on the chest wall and smaller.

Corrective breast surgery

From the photos, it looks as if the left implant is in good position and of good size and shape. The right implant appears to be slightly smaller than the left and also a bit higher placed on the breast.

Best to speak to your plastic surgeon who placed the implants, but looks like it should be a relatively easy fix with repositioning of the right implant and maybe increasing its size.

Good luck.

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Should I get a breast corrective surgery?

Without photos any surgeon will be guessing. But if this bothers you, see your plastic surgeon, or another if you prefer, to discuss options.It is not uncommon for small differences in size to appear more apparent after augmentation. A larger implant may be all that is needed.

All the best.

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