When I took off the bandages they put on my nose after the cast, my nose took the form of the bandages. Any suggestion? (photo)

Before the bandadges, when i took off the cast, my nose was extremely straight (first picture). When i removed the bandadges i noticed that my nose had taken the form of the bandadges in a qay where i could see bumps (second picture). Now I wonder if it is going to stay that way or if it is going to be straight again...

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Post-op rhinoplasty care

Thank you for your question and for including the pictures.

In general, you will notice your nose changes shape as the swelling leaves and nasal skin contracts. Swelling follows gravity and it is possible that your supratip (the area above the tip) is holding on to more swelling as you heal.

At this time, I would strongly encourage you to speak with your surgeon.  There are many different post-op techniques that can be employed to help the nose heal optimally. These include though are not limited to taping the nose, steroid injections, massage, and others.  Only your surgeon can provide recommendations at this time as only your surgeon knows the exact maneuvers performed during your surgery.

Hopefully as the swelling goes down, your nose will look better and better. Definitely contact your surgeon for recommendations.

Good luck from Manhattan.

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Post op rhinoplasty


Not to worry  this is very likely to be temporary specially in the first few weeks after rhinoplasty due to the oedema !
J Tahery
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