Surgery done on March third, pain still there now back starting to hurt. Normal?

I had breast augmentation on March third with my friend. My friend is painless now but I'm still having a hard time with the pain and now my back is starting to hurt a lot. I keep waking up every hour or so in massive pain. I'm taking Tylenol but it's not helping a lot. Is this normal? Should I switch to ibuprofen? I heard mixed reviews about using that. Pain is very uncomfortable

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Surgery done on March 3.............

it sounds as if you're not getting enough pain relief and are not taking it frequently enough. Adding in ibuprofen is not contraindicated and may help considerably. Talk to your surgeon.

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Pain following uncomplicated breast augmentation is usually self limiting

The magnitude of pain following uncomplicated breast augmentation is related to the following; site of implant placement, tissue tightness, and implant size.  Women with tight firm breasts who have submuscular breast augmentation with large implants will have often have substantially greater discomfort following surgery than a woman who may have an augmentation with modest sized implants above muscle and where  her breast are not tight due to previous child birth.  

The symptoms you have described are not uncommon following uncomplicated breast augmentation and is self limiting and should soon subside.  Nevertheless it is important is to check with your treating surgeon to be sure that there is not an underlying problem and complication such as a hematoma giving rise to the discomfort that may require management.    

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