Revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

Did a rhinoplasty 1 year ago in Lebanon, with dr. Tony Nassar. However, a pollybeack has developed and i am not quite happy with the way my nostrils look. They are not my main concern though. I would like to know 1) if I should wait two years before doing a revision surgery 2) how much it would cost (average) to fix the pollybeak situation 3) if there is another way of doing it besides taking cartilage from my rib or ear 4) if there is more Chances the surgery will succeed or fail .

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Can I show you something to address in addition to the pollybeak?

Besides the fullness of your pollybeak, just above the tip, the bridge of your nose is soooooo strong at the top, just below your eyebrows. It seems to me that that part of your bridge could be reduced, too. And a lot.

See the "Web reference" link, just below my response. I made a computer morph of your nose, and an animation of the morph, to show the changes that are possible for your nose in truly expert hands.

Besides lowering the fullness in the pollybeak area, I reduced the strength of the bridge up at the top of your nose. See if you like it better.

You should understand that the changes I demonstrated in the morph require advanced techniques, techniques that most plastic surgeons cannot handle.  Be sure to read the section in the "Web reference" link on how to stay out of trouble while searching for a rhinoplasty surgeon.

You don't need to have cartilage taken from your rib or ear to make these changes. Usually, grafting like that is needed if you're trying to make something bigger, not smaller.

Your nose is also a good example of why computer imaging is mandatory in rhinoplasty. You need to know exactly what the surgeon is planning to accomplish -- what features he thinks he can change, and by how much he thinks he can change them. When you see his goals, you'll know whether he has an eye for a beautiful nose, and whether he shares your opinion of what constitutes a beautiful nose. You'll also know whether the changes he proposes are enough to be meaningful to you, and whether he understands your wishes enough to address all of your priorities. Then, he must show you before and after photos to prove that he can actually accomplish what he draws on the computer.

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Revision rhinoplasty for pollybeak etc.

you can have a much better nose with removing your hump, both upper bone and lower cartilage etc. IF. You see a very experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon who can show you many examples of his work that look natural. You may have enough Cartlage in your septum but if not your ear can be used. Having done revision rhinoplasty for 40 years I can tell you you should have a much more attractive nose!

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Revision rhinoplasty candidate

Revision rhinoplasty can entertained as long as it has been one year since the surgery. In addition to the poly beak, the glabellar area still needs to be shaved down. Osteotomis will also be required. No rib cartilage is required. For many examples, our current price list, and more information, please see the link and the video below

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