Can my breasts be more close together and rounder without changing my implants? (Photo)

Hi,I had a BA 6-7 months ago ,I am 5p1/100lbs/prior implants are 310 round Natrelle Inspira moderate profile under the muscle. I am very pleased with the size but I feel like the space between my breast is weird.There is a squareness on the lower pole and it makes my breat look far apart! Can the pockets be reshape without changing my implants? I draw what I would like on myself to show you exactly what I dislike and what I'd prefer(PS:my nipple are not so much on the side in person)

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Can my breasts be closer together, and rounder without changing my implants?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and it appears that you have gone a very nice result.  I see your areas of concern but without preoperative photographs it is difficult to know if any improvement could be safely pursued as it may be your inherent anatomy causing the squareness.  If your chest muscle was not fully cut along this portion of your breast a subtle improvement may be possible but in search of perfection at times you will lose an already excellent result.  Hope this helps.

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