Almost 4 Months Out From Rhinoplasty; Same Since 1st Month? (photo)

Almost have 4months out from rhinoplasty. Suppositely im swollen i have to be patient, my nose may change a bit more but lets be real there wont be much of a difference now to 6 months, its been the same since 1st month! I had a closed rhino:To refine tip, make my width smaller, but he shortened tip and flattened my bridge and now my nostrils look bigger and show. Please with all honestly, Can i fix it w/ a revision rhinoplasty? Im just waiting 6months for a possible revision consultation

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Revison Rhinoplasty

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I agree that your nose will not change much even if you wait 2 years. You can seek a revision surgeon at this time. I would do the revision through an open rhinoplasty approach and redefine your tip so that it's less bulbous and boxy. You may also need a small bridge graft to elevate the bridge. The nostrils may or may not need width reduction depending onĀ  how the tip sets.

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