6 Months Ago I Had Surgery but Im Not Getting Alot of Clevage?

hi i had a breast augmentation 6 months ago under the muscle 450cc implants moderate profile and im not getting alot of clevage. i was wondering why? im wearing a d right now and was told it could take up to a year for them to fully settle. is this because there moderate profile and not high profile? also when are u allowed to go braless and when are u supposed to stop wearing a sports bra at night. i still do my massages cause i can still see where the implant has not settled. please help thank

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It is not possible to give a meaningful answer without photos. The most common feature in patients complaining of absence of cleavage after surgery is the fact the their breasts are naturally widely spaced. The implants must be centered behind the areolas, or they look bizarre. Furthermore, with under the muscle implants, widely spaced breasts are accompanied by widely space pectoralis muscles, which further limit how close the implants can be to each other. 

Most implants have settled by six months, but some are still improving. If they have not changed in the past three months, they are probably in their permanent position. 

As to questions about the brassiere, those questions are best posed to your surgeon, who knows what was done, has followed your progress, and knows the objectives of wearing the brassiere. 

Please consider reposting your question along with some before and after photos, and more useful advice should follow.

All the best. 

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