7 Months Post TT, I Have an Indentation Above Vertical Scar? (photo)

I had a full TT 7 months ago, when I sit down or bend over, I have an indentation above my vertical scar. I thought the muscles would be pulled in tightly together resulting in a straight abdomen. Mine dents in as if there is a separation in the muscle between the top half above my vertical scar and the bottom half, from the top of my vertical scar and down. Is this normal? Also my stomach is not super flat as a result, it rounds out.

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Indention above TT scar

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Your indention is horizontal and the muscles are vertical in this area so I think it is very unlikely that this is due to muscle separation. It is more likely due to scarring or fat atrophy (which I have seen several times in this area) or a combination. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see what options are available to you. Good luck.

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Indentation after tummy tuck

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i don't think the indentation has anything to do with your muscle. I think that its either an area of scar tissue being pulled inward, or a little uneven residual fat. Go bak to your surgeon and discuss.

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