2 Months Post-smart Lipo but Do Not See Any Results. Is This Normal?

My doctor took out 750ccs of which 475 was pure fat. The procedure was extremely painful so I am afraid to have the procedure redone. However, I do want to get the best results possible so I am hoping my doctor will agree to redo the procedure. How long do I need to wait before asking for him to redo the procedure? BTW, my measurements are the same as before the procedure. I wore the compression garment for 6 weeks!

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Liposuction can take time to show results

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it often takes up to six months to show final improvement with liposuction. you didn't mention which site(s) you had treated. 475 ccs of supranatant fat is a significant amount of volume for some areas depending on the body frame. I would suggest waiting six months and having a reevaluation prior to undergoing another liposuction to allow full reduction in the fat you have and a safer determination of how much collagen has started to form there.

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