Is 2 Months Post-septorhinoplasty Enough to Recover and Feel Normal?

I had an open septorhinoplasty procedure close to 3 weeks ago and I was wondering whether 2 months is sufficient enough to recover and feel normal? I have a packed agenda in 2 months and I do not want my recovery to affect my work schedules which involves working under the sun and be at outdoors frequently. Being in the food industry as well, I'm required to have my smell and taste back. Is 2 months sufficient enough to be in outdoors + taste and smell? My nose feels stuffed too, will this go?

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Recovery from Septorhinoplasty

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As a general rule, 2 to 3 months after a full septorhinoplasty should be sufficient time to have a full functional recovery. You should be unrestricted in any type of physical activity at this point. Most patients report having normal smelling capabilities at this time also.

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