8 Months Post Rhinoplasty, Is This Swelling or a Polly Beak?

Fortunately, one side of nose looks perfect! The other side, however, (the one that needed the most work) is still looking pretty swollen even after 8 months. I have thin skin, but the part that looks swollen feels very thick and when I press it down, it stays normal looking for a few seconds like a slowly expanding sponge. The part that's bothering me is that the swollen section is pushing down my tip and making that side droop! Thanks for your help!

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Polly Beak?

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No. You do not have a Polly Beak deformity. Not even close. It's actually hard for me to really see what you don't like. Over all it looks like you've gotten a very nice result. Be careful you are not obsessing about some minute area of your nose. Very few people have a "perfect" nose so try to be happy about the positives. Good luck.

Recovering from rhinoplasty...

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From the photos you provided, you appear to have a very good result.  Though your desire may be for perfection, getting it may be very elusive as the human body is naturally asymmetric in almost every way. 

It is suggested you try to resolve your concerns with your surgeon and if not satisfied, get a second opinion.  If your second opinion claims he/she can do better, get it writing.  From viewing your photos, I would say your result is qutie good.

Polly Beak problem is not swelling

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Fullness in the area above the natural tip of the nose is called "Polly Beak" in technical jargon, to refer to a "parrot beak - like" shape.  In general terms, a Polly Beak deformity can be caused by:

  1. Residual cartilage shape problems
  2. Poor nose tip support
  3. Incomplete adjustment of the skin envelope in cases of thick skin of the tip

If the area feels soft and spongy, it is unlikely to be a true case of "supratip" deformity or polly beak but more likely residual swelling and fibrosis.  Patients who have had a rhinoplasty and feel a spongy and elastic area that gradually relaxes,  will likely see a continued  change and improvement over time as the area softens and the skin adjusts to the framework.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty post op concerns supratip

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At 8 months there's still a little bit of swelling left.  If it's spongy too, that demonstrates swelling.  Your result (on your fuzzy pictures) looks good.  Sometimes a tiny bit of cortisone injected into the area helps a lot, so it might be worth talking to your surgeon about this.  It would speed the resolution of the swelling and is just done in the office.  This is particularly useful for supratip swelling in men, who are more swollen and for longer than women in my experience.

Worth asking the question of your surgeon!


Good luck.

Polly beak after rhinoplasty

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A polly beak (yes, Polly as in parrot) is an old term used to describe fullness or a projection just above the tip, also called a ram's tip, and supra-tip. Your photos look fairly good and you don not have a polly beak.

Best of luck,


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