4 Months Post Rhinoplasty...Still Swollen? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty in February of this year. My nose was not broken only tip rhinoplasty was performed. I do not see the difference and I am very concerned. My doctor says things look great, but I am scared I have wasted time and money. Will my nose change? Will it look huge forever? Shouldn't I see results by now?

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Still Swollen 4 Months Post op? #nosejob

It can take up to one complete year for all swelling to go down. There is a significant amount of lymphatic swelling for 3-6 months. You are very early in the healing phase. The hardest part is being patient to allow the results to happen over time. Just stay the course and let things go for a while. Stay in close touch with your surgeon and communicate your concerns but I do not worry too much about swelling at this point.

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Thick skin can limit the aesthetic possibilities of a rhinoplasty.

Even a three-month she still may have substantial swelling in the nasal tip particularly because of the thick skin. It revision might be indicated but not until the swelling has been completely resolved. It looks as though the tip is still boxy I think this can be improved with surgery if it is not improve with time.

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