3 Months Post Rhinoplasty and Still Have a Prominent Dorsal Hump.

I had a closed Septo - rhinoplasty exactly three months ago. My nose looks bulbous particularly around the tip. The dorsal hump on my nose is as prominent as it was pre surgery although the tip looks slightly more upturned rather than hooked like it was before.I get some slight tenderness on occasion and some mild pain when I wrinkle my nose a little. I am worried that the surgery was not successful even though my surgeon assured me that it was. Perhaps enough of the bone was not taken out?

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Dorsal Hump 3 Months after Rhinoplasty

Residual dorsal fullness may be secondary to a transient inflammatory reaction at the site of hump removal. The "bulbous" tip may resolve as healing progresses. You are only 3 months post-op; be patient  over the next 6 months and see if your nose continues to improve.

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