5 Months Post Rhinoplasty, Hanging Collumella? (photo)

Hi, I had closed rhinoplasty 5 months ago to get rid of a bump on the bridge of my nose and to make my nose smaller overall. I am not 100 percent satisfied with my nose as I have a hanging collumella, will it rise overtime or will I need revision to correct this? I don't think the nose suits me with a hanging collumella as I never had this before surgery. Could this change overtime? Is my nose the final shape now or will it continue to change? Thank you.

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Hanging Columella? Following Rhinoplasty

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It's not clear from the photos you provided as to whether there is increased columellar show or whether the tip of your nose is just tipped up more than it was pre-op.  When assessing changes following rhinoplasty surgery, it's vitally important to be able to see standardized photos (same lighting, angles, camera, lens, etc.) of both the present state as well as the pre-operative state of the nose.  You should be able to get such photos from your surgeon's clinic in a digital format that they can e-mail to you.  You can then upload these with your question.  You will get much more response and much better advice if you can do this.

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