7 Months Post-Op, Like the Way I Look in Clothes, Not Feeling As Good As Hoped?

Had TT & shank lipo on 12/20/11. My lower abdomen still swells at day's end, ab muscles uncomfortably tighten when I sit for more than hour (uncomfortable but not painful to straighten up), there is complete numbness between my naval and the scar and the scar has not faded. Is any of this normal at 7 months? Do silicone strips help with scarring? If not, what does? Is massaging the abdomen to relieve the "tight" feeling? I know recovery takes time, but I feel desperate. Please help.

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Postoperative issues at 7 months from a tummy tuck.

You have multiple issues which are persisting at 7 months post surgery. The first question is whether you have addressed these with your plastic surgeon. For the scars, silicone sheeting can help with enlarging scars and help flatten them out. Massage is helpful for both scars and persistent areas of swelling. As for numbness, any return of sensation is typically a very slow processand can take 18-24 months. Having discomfort at this stage is unusual and warrants a visit to your plastic surgeon. Keep a good record of when your pain occurs and what activities you may have been doing as this will help your surgeon in identifying the problem.

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After tummy tuck

As far as the numbness it is present in a triangular area with the tip of the triangle at the unbilicus. The size and ultimate recovery are proportional to the amount of excision and surgery that was done. There is a possibility that a small triangle above the pubic hair area will remain numb. As far as the tightness, the more you stretch it, the softer it will get and a good exercise program might help. Silicone strips are usefull for the scar, sometimes a cortisone cream or a bleaching cream are recommended.

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Still not feeling recovered 7 months after TT

These are all good questions and you would do well to discuss them with your surgeon.although the numbness and scarring sound like common problems after tummy tuck,the discomfort sounds a little bit unusual.

Your surgeon might be able to suggest some stretching exercises or perhaps make a referral to a physical therapist to try to resolve these symptoms. If surgery can also look at the scars and suggest any appropriate therapy that is in order. There are many products available and they all seem to work in some patients.

Good luck and best wishes

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