5 Months Post Open Septo Revision Rhinoplasty when Will I See Final Results

Hi,I'm 5 months post open revision rhinoplasty. Overall I am happy with my nose but can see some slight faults. They aren't too worrying provided that they don't get worse over time. My question is, at 5 months should I have a fairly good idea of my final result? I am so nervous that my nose will get worse over time and am starting to get quite anxious about this. Thank you so much for your replies.

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When will I see final results from open Rhinoplasty?

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Depending on how much was done, to your nasal tip cartilages, during the open Rhinoplasty the final results should be seen around 9-12 months after the Rhinoplasty.  As always, it's best to ask your Rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Final Results after Open Revision Rhinoplasty

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It will take at least a year after an open revision rhinoplasty to see the final results. The "slight faults" unfortunately may become more obvious as healing progresses. Please be patient before deciding if any additional revsions will be necessary to satisfy your personal expectations.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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5 mos post rhinoplasty

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By 5 months you should start to see the final results of your nasal surgery. No rhinoplasty is perfect and there are always minor asymmetries.

Steven Wallach, MD
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